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David Miliband’s careful resignation letter reveals some of his frustration

David Miliband's careful resignation letter reveals some of his frustration
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David Miliband has confirmed that he is resigning as an MP to become President and Chief Executive of the International Rescue Committee in New York. A copy of his resignation letter can be read here.

Those expecting a Geoffrey Howe-style confession will be disappointed; Miliband is restrained, except when describing his enthusiasm for his new job and his pride in having served South Shields, the Labour Party and the country. He does, however, say that he is leaving politics to give ‘full vent to my ideas and ideals’, which reveals a degree of frustration hitherto only assumed to exist. He believes that a Labour victory in 2015 is ‘achievable’. This tepid word might be interpreted as a slight on his brother; but it follows a passage of praise for Ed’s leadership and is in keeping with his muted tone elsewhere. If there is a bomb in this resignation letter, then I can’t detect it.