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David Miliband strikes for the middle ground

David Miliband strikes for the middle ground
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It must be quite satisfying for the David Miliband campaign that they can commission a YouGov poll and get all the results they would have wanted. According to the Guardian, MiliD has a signigicant lead when it comes to which candidate is the "most effective alternative to Cameron". But it's this finding that is the most significant:  

"The poll of 2,907 people, conducted between 25-27 August, also found that David Miliband enjoys a strong lead among voters who abandoned Labour – a key battle in the leadership campaign. He has a 25% lead over his brother among these voters on who would be the best alternative to Cameron, and a 27% lead as the candidate most likely to persuade people to vote Labour."

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tells the Sun

"We need to appeal to middle income voters and low income voters, Lib Dems and Conservatives."

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