Delingpole moots run

Delingpole moots run
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The campaign to draft James Delingpole into Parliament, revealed here yesterday, is gathering pace. Delingpole himself has broken cover to declare that he was already moving to Northamptonshire - the scene of the upcoming by-election.

‘I'm torn, I must say... though I can't claim to have taken quite as many drugs as Louise Mensch apparently has, I did make a pretty heroic go of it in my younger, longer-haired days.’

But it’s not all fun and games. ‘On the other hand, I'm skint,’ says the right-wing scribe. In a long rant against the Tories, he confirms that if he were to run it would be on a UKIP ticket - also revealed by me yesterday. So, does he want to be an MP?

‘Probably not. Hateful job, hideous place – like a cross between a very minor public school and a 70s Berni Inn, vile creepy people, long hours and (unless you're say, Tim Yeo MP) crap money.’

We’ll take that as a yes then.