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Denying the Armenians

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So, as expected Barack Obama has reneged upon his campaign promise to call the Armenian genocide, er, genocide. Instead it's "slaughter". Such are the prosaic demands of office. As Mike Crowley suggests this is not a defining moment in the Obama administration, but nor is it a particularly edifying spectacle.

Memo to politicians: be careful what you promise! Memo to voters: Don't believe the promises!

Today's statement in full here; reaction from Turks and Armenians here.

UPDATE: Courtesy of Ben Smith there's this video in which Samantha Power argues that: "What is amazing about Barack...[is]...his willingness as president to commemorate [the genocide] and certainly to call a spade a spade and to speak truth about it...He's a person who can actually be trusted, which distinguishes him from some in the Washington culture."


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