Diary of a former chancellor

Diary of a former chancellor
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It’s that time of year again. It gets darker sooner, the leaves are falling off the trees and a tell-all book has been published. ‘A diary of an MPs wife: inside and outside power’ is Hugo Swire's wife Sasha's account of life as a member of the Cameron set. The book – of which excerpts have been published in the Times –  includes accounts of George Osborne’s fear of croquet and Samantha Cameron skipping out on cooking. The word in Westminster is that many of the disclosures have not been well received by those featured in the tome. 

Now the former chancellor of exchequer has given a response. Writing in the Evening Standard, Osborne has offered his own diary charting its release:

'September 12

Greg and George text me late. “Have I seen S’s diary?” No I haven’t. Extracts have appeared on a news website. “It’s going to be ugly. Dave won’t like it,” they say. “Too much about his lovely family.” Oh god, how embarrassing.'

Osborne only admits to skim reading Swire’s book so he might have missed the bit about when Cameron allegedly remarked that Swires’s 'pheromones’ made him want to ‘give [her] one’ in the bushes. Still, despite only reading snippets, Osborne has found a silver lining to the revelations. He says that Sasha's frustration that her Old Etonian husband never made Cabinet is proof that Cameron's government was not a chumocracy after all. 

Mr S politely suggests that Camerons' resignation honours list – which included the Prime Minister's hairdresser and his wife's stylist – paints a slightly different picture...

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