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Dick Cheney’s Mission to Destroy Europe

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I don't nornally write about Euroloonies, partly because I have trouble taking the European Parliament any more seriously than I do the Liberal Democrats. That is to say, it - and they - cross my mind no more than twice a year. But this, via the indomitable Trixy, is sufficiently priceless as to merit attention:

Questions over the funding of the No campaign in Ireland on the Lisbon Treaty referendum

Raising a point of order, Co-President Daniel Cohn Bendit (Greens/EFA , Germany) said: "Last weekend, the Irish press revealed that there possibly exists a link between the financers of the no-campaign in Ireland and the Pentagon as well as the CIA. This was a very interesting story and the explanation given was that Europe should not become too strong. I would ask the President to please clarify this matter and suggest that we also ask the Council as well as the Commission to inform us next time, because if this story turns out to be true it would be an interesting fact indeed, confirming what lies behind the €1.2 million which was used to finance the no-campaign in Ireland. I therefore would like to ask the President to please look into the matter so that we receive information and achieve transparency."

Of course, people who bore on about "transparency" invariably have plenty to hide themselves. Not that anyone would ever suggest such a thing about the European Parliament. Oh no. Nonetheless, it's also reassuring that, despite everything, some things never change: members of the European Parliament are still reliably, even reassuringly, loopy.

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