Did Vince Cable think he was presenting the Lib Dems’ budget?

Did Vince Cable think he was presenting the Lib Dems' budget?
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This morning Danny Alexander is scheduled to reveal the Liberal Democrats' proposed alternative budget. Alas, Vince Cable appears to have missed the memo. Speaking about the budget on LBC yesterday, Cable claimed he would be leading the Lib Dem budget:

Presenter: Is it difficult to sit through a Budget like that and be barely mentioned? As a party, not personally.

Vince Cable: If it’s the response to the Budget tomorrow, I will be leading and I will be setting the tone of the debate.

Cable was demoted as Liberal Democrat economy spokesman in January in favour of Alexander. Happily, Mr S hears Cable will still have a role in the Lib Dem budget later in the day after Alexander has given the main speech.

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