Peter Hoskin

Does Cameron need to diversify?

Does Cameron need to diversify?
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Is Cameron overdoing it on the economy?  A silly question, perhaps, given that we're caught up in a recession.  But it's one prompted by an article in today's FT, which notes that:

"David Cameron has made only one speech dedicated to health and education in the past nine months, compared with 18 on the economy."

Of course, the worry is that the party's message on the public services will get submerged under all the economic talk.  That may or may not be happening already but, even given the relative importance of the issues, the 18:1 ratio does seem rather unbalanced.

To my mind, all this underlines just how Cameron-centric the Tory party has become over recent months; something which the Tory leader himself appears to acknowledge.  Even considering George Osborne's low profile in the aftermath of the Deripaska affair, I'm sure some of those economic speeches could have been made by other frontbenchers, leaving Cameron to talk about something else.  In light of Osborne's speech today - his most significant, and visible, for some time - you wonder whether the Tory leadership are now changing tack.