Dr Éoin Clarke’s ‘massive’ Tory spending revelations fail to go nuclear

Dr Éoin Clarke's 'massive' Tory spending revelations fail to go nuclear
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If only Dr Éoin Clarke could learn from his mistakes. Earlier this month Clarke was left red-faced after his prediction of a shadow cabinet reshuffle failed to materialise. Not to be put off, the clip art-loving Labour activist — who has a PhD in Irish feminism — has been promising a 'nuclear' revelation regarding the Tory expenses row for some days now. After Michael Crick's Channel 4 investigation led to the party admitting that it failed to declare £38,000 of general election expenses, Clarke told his followers that 'massive revelations' were on their way.

Tweeting his followers on Sunday, Clarke said that a Tory election fraud story would 'break very soon' and cause the scandal to go 'nuclear'.

As the days went on, Clarke tantalised his followers further:

Alas, supporters have been left significantly underwhelmed by 'nuclear' revelation. It turns out that the 'massive' story Clarke was referring to is actually a data dump by the Mirror. Billed as the People's Electoral Commission, the investigations team at the tabloid are uploading the electoral spending returns of Tory MPs and asking members of the public to in turn help investigate for free.

One day on, and as far as Mr S can tell the government is still standing despite Clarke's revelations.

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