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Drudge Breaks Media Silence on Princes Mission

Drudge Breaks Media Silence on Princes Mission
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A defence* of Royalty: Prince Harry in Afghanistan. Oddly stirring stuff, actually.


Good for him and, amazingly, good for the MoD and the media for ensuring that the Prince's comrades were not endangered by his presence on the front line becoming a matter of public knowledge until now.

UPDATE: Fraser says some of the most prominent British bloggers knew of Harry's deployment and kept the news to themselves too. This ain't a new media vs old media tussle, it's common sense and, in this instance, a certain courtesy to a young soldier who wants to serve his country without imperiling his comrades. Nothing significant is gained by "breaking" an agreed embargo on this sort of thing and nothing lost by honouring it until such point as it expires or, as in this case, becomes moot.

UPDATE 2: Trusty, credible commenter Beth Noire, suggests gossip site Popbitch knew in December and scrubbed all references to Harry's service from its chatroom.

*Spelling corrected to scrub accidental Americanism. Thanks Panenka.

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