Rod Liddle

Dudus’ ‘Shower Posse’: a model for diplomatic relations

Dudus' 'Shower Posse': a model for diplomatic relations
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Hello – a pleasure to be back, having spent a week in Italy, a country which believes itself to be a part of the European Union. Charming people, very pleasant place, you must try it, if only to enjoy the spectacle of grown men pottering around on scooters eating ice-cream. I think I mildly prefer our equivalent, which is grown men throwing up and kicking shit out of each other. But it’s a close call.

The excellent champers winners – I haven’t sent the bottles out yet, but will do in the next couple of days. Apologies for the delay; I promise it will be with you long before the coalition crumbles.

And what should we make of the case of the excellent Christopher “Dudus” Coke, the Jamaican drug lord whose exciting “Shower Posse” have left 60 people dead in Jamaica and threatens the very “stability” of the country? He seems a bit of a bad egg, being a drug and arms trafficker and with links to the ruling Jamaican Labour Party (which is further to the right than a soup spoon, so stop crowing). The trouble has occurred because the Jamaican government has been pressured into extraditing Mr Coke to the USA, where he is wanted on the sorts of charges the Press Complaints Commission might insist are stereotypical and unproven. Have to say, I have a little sympathy with both the government and ol’ Dudus; if the extradition treaty the US has imposed on the Jamaicans is anything like the one they’ve imposed upon us, then they are quite right to resist it. Just a shame, I suppose, that our Gary McKinnon doesn’t have a posse of bluds equipped with AK 47s the better to prove his point…………………………..