James Forsyth

Early signs are that it will be a good night for the Republicans and an awful one for Obama and his agenda

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It is early in the night but things are looking good for the Republicans. Marco Rubio, the Cuban-American son of a bartender, has won his Senate race in Florida at a canter and confirmed his status as a rising star in the party. Rand Paul, a committed libertarian, has won in Kentucky. While it looks like the Republicans have also won in the Senate races in Arkansas, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. Although, it is worth noting that Christine O’Donnell—the eccentric Tea Party backed candidate—lost in Delaware in a contest that one would expect the Republicans to win in these circumstances.

In the House, the Republicans seem almost certain to gain control. 538 is currently projecting a 55 seat Republican pick-up.

One striking feature of the exit poll is that 56 percent of voters think that the government is doing things best left to individuals and businesses. Four fifths of these voters went for the Republicans.