Ed Miliband makes a comeback on The Agenda

Ed Miliband makes a comeback on The Agenda
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One of Ed Miliband's most embarrassing television moments from his time as Labour leader came when he appeared on The Agenda in 2014. Red Ed was lost for words when former pop star Myleene Klass turned on him on the ITV show as she berated him over Labour's proposed mansion tax. The former Hear-Say star criticised Miliband's approach to tax:

'Ed’s getting isolated because no one thinks it is going to work. You may as well just tax me on this glass of water. You can’t just point at things and tax them.'

So it was a bold move for Miliband to return to the scene of the crime last night and appear on the show once again. Happily it turns out that life as a Labour backbencher appears to suit him. Miliband was visibly more relaxed and managed to hold his own -- though granted Klass was not in attendance.

He even offered David Cameron some kind words over his handling of his father Ian Cameron's tax affairs -- after being on the receiving end himself when it comes to negative headlines relating to one's father:

'I understand it would be very upsetting, for him, his mother -- and all that. You know, I think we've got to get to the bigger picture here and use it. I think we've got to use it as a moment to understand what's going on here.'

Could this signal the beginning of a return to frontline politics?

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