David Blackburn

Eddie Izzard - Brilliant Britain

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I'd watch anything over a party political broadcast, anything except Piers Morgan. But Eddie Izzard’s Labour broadcast (below) promised to be different. What a letdown it proved to be, just like any other bland effort.

The jokes are marginally funnier than an aneurism, and the message is negative, despite the 'brilliant Britain' theme. The ad is a manifestation of Labour's problem. Izzard offers nothing beyond morbid fear of Tories, Thatcher and money. (Incidentally, I recall a chummy Brown cosying up to the Handbag on the steps of No 10 not so long ago. Did she bite him?)

Because Labour cannot represent change, it must guard its record. Izzard defends Labour with a variation on the ‘Useless Secretary Defence’ - yes, it's incompetent but its heart's in the right place.

I'm sure Labour is thrilled to have him, but it's a limp video. He was more effective in every sense with this surreal ‘making-of’ video.


PS: As Iain Martin notes, Brown doesn't get a mention.