Eddie Izzard’s kiss of death catches up with him

Eddie Izzard's kiss of death catches up with him
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Spare a thought for Eddie Izzard. Every campaign the cross-dressing comedian attaches himself to has a tendency to end in failure. After backing Ed Miliband in the General Election, Izzard found himself on the losing side once again in the EU referendum campaign when his tour of university campuses failed to swing it for Remain.

Today he has missed out on a place on Labour's National Executive Committee. Izzard had hoped to be elected onto the party's NEC as part of his efforts to carve a career in politics. However, he ended up coming eighth, with the six available seats going to more Corbynista candidates.

While Corbyn, too, doesn't have a good reputation when it comes to electability -- from his tenure as Labour leader -- Mr S suspects it's time to give his regime credit where credit is due. After all, the Corbynistas have at least worked out that Izzard is rarely, if ever, part of a winning formula.

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