Camilla Swift

Editor’s Letter | 7 September 2017

Welcome to the new issue of Spectator Schools

Editor's Letter | 7 September 2017
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We live in an age where technology surrounds us almost all of the time. In the Western world, smartphones are omnipresent, and information is available at the press of a button. But how is this affecting schoolchildren — and how can schools deal with both the problems and the benefits that modern technology brings? In our cover piece, Rhiannon Williams takes a look at how various schools are handling technology, and reports that a ban on smartphones may not always be the answer.

While technology is playing an increasingly large part in pupils’ lives, sport is still important. William Cook says that it shouldn’t all be about elite athletes. But neither is a ‘prizes for all’ culture the right way to encourage children to enjoy PE.

Meanwhile, Susan Hamlyn asks why private schools are struggling to give away bursaries as fees soar higher and higher; Laura Freeman recalls her longing for a proper wooden tuck box and trunk; Eleanor Doughty interviews Sir Anthony Seldon’s successor at Wellington College, and Ysenda Maxtone Graham examines the growing trend for British pupils to get their higher education at US universities.

The education sector is an exciting and ever-changing world, and Spectator Schools should, I hope, reflect that. I hope you enjoy reading the magazine.

Camilla Swift