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Elvis: Still the King

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This Tim Luckhurst piece for (who else?) The Guardian may be the dumbest thing even this professional contrarian has ever written. Apparently Elvis made "dull music for duller people" and "affection for Elvis is a workable predictor of anti-intellectual attitude". Mr Luckhurst concludes that:

The only credible claim that can be made on Elvis Presley's behalf is that he helped introduce blues influences to a mass audience. But in a less bigoted era that would have been accomplished by authentic blues musicians. They expressed real emotions, despite origins at least as disadvantaged as his. But the world was not ready for their genius. It preferred to celebrate a dimwit instead.

Aye, right. It's this sort of nonsense - trolling really - which gives punditry a bad name.

Much, much better is Roy Connolly's celebratory article in today's Telegraph.

Anyway, happy birthday Elvis (wherever you are) and - just for you mum - here's Memories from Elvis's 1968 comeback...

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