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Emails show that Charlie Whelan was copied into Draper and McBride’s exchange about Red Rag

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Here are some of the early emails exchanged between Damian McBride and Derek Draper about Red Rag (email addresses and phone numbers have been removed). Note who else is copied into the emails: 

On 13 Jan 2009, at 18:34, "Damian McBride" wrote:


A few ideas I've been working on for Red Rag. For ease, I've written all the below as I'd write them for the site, but obviously Andrew will want to adapt for his own house style, length, etc.

The first one is a solid investigative story, so may be a good one to use early. The other 3 are gossipy and mainly intended to destabilise the Tories.

I'm not sure how to set up easy links in the copy of the text, so I've stuck in the full links below each bit of relevant text.


From: Derek Draper 

Sent: 13 January 2009 18:56

To: Damian McBride

Cc: Dodgshon, Andrew; Whelan, Charlie

Subject: Re: Rag [UNCLASSIFIED] [Non-Record]

These are absolutely totally brilliant Damian.

I'll think about timing and sort out the technology with Andrew this week so we can go asap.

Do we want to tip off anyone about Red Rag having set up? Walters? I could do it and say LabouLlist had been sent the link anonymously.

PS Don't forget LabourList Damian!

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