Emily Thornberry fails the socialism test

Emily Thornberry fails the socialism test
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Oh dear. After a fortnight of government shambles, Jeremy Corbyn can enjoy the weekend safe in the knowledge that his party is... still neck and neck with the Tories. On last night's Question Time, Emily Thornberry offered an insight into why her party – and it's plan for 21st century socialism – may be failing to catch fire.

Asked by a member of the audience what country was the best advert for Corbyn's brand of socialism, the shadow foreign secretary struggled to come up with an answer:

QT audience member: I'd like to hear of an example where Corbyn and McDonnell's economic ideas have worked.

DD: Okay, you can name one country and then we have to stop

ET: I would suggest that Labour is a social democratic party pretty much from the centre of Europe.

DD: Alright, he asked for a name of a country

ET: Alright, well Germany, Sweden...

Mr S suspects that Germany is not the economic model her Labour comrades have in mind when they talk about preparing for a 'run on the pound'...

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