Estate agents find elections may be good for business

Estate agents find elections may be good for business
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Last week the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors warned that uncertainty over the mansion tax has caused property prices to rise as fewer homes are put on the market until the election outcome is known.

Still, it's not all bad news for estate agents. In a brazen ‘Good Luck in the Election’ email sent to all parliamentary candidates standing in May, one London estate agency are wasting no time in trying to churn up some business after the election:

‘As the election edges closer we wanted to wish you all the best of luck in your campaign and to let you know that MyLondonHome are here to help! Depending on the outcome of the election, you may need to permanently relocate to London. Being a multi award winning Estate Agent with various offices in Westminster, we are equipped with the experience and knowledge to find the perfect home for you. We have an array of property available to rent, situated within walking distance of Parliament, which you can view by clicking below.’

‘This is ludicrous’, rages one aspiring MP who forwarded the email on to Mr S. ‘I haven't even won and already the leeches are clogging up my inbox’.

Still, future greenbenchers ought to be careful before they rage too much about estate agents. Recent polling by Ipsos MORI shows that politicians are trusted far less than than those who work in real estate. Right behind the bankers and, cough, journalists.