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Euro 2020: It would have been a travesty if England didn’t win

Euro 2020: It would have been a travesty if England didn’t win
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England 2 (herringmuncher og, Citizen Kane) Denmark 1 (anotherherringmuncher)

It was a penalty because the referee gave a penalty and VAR agreed. OK, Denmark? I wouldn’t have given it, mind. But then I would have given the absolutely stonewall penalty when Kane was clattered in the Danish penalty area a little earlier. Either way, it would have been a travesty if England had not won. They absolutely hammered the Danes for the last 75 minutes of the match: the game became a siege. Did the Danes have a single chance after their goal? I don’t remember one. I scarcely remember them attacking. I’ve decided I don’t like them and they’re going on my list of awful countries as a consequence of their bad-tempered, sour grapes, griping. It is a hugely boring country and the people are self-satisfied and woke. It does not deserve to be part of Scandinavia. I would rather live in Baluchistan than Denmark.

Meanwhile the Italians have also leapt upon Raheem Sterling for ‘diving’. Being accused of cheating by these perpetually adolescent weasels is akin to being accused of money-laundering by the Swiss.

I still have my doubts about Southgate’s strategy. Let us give him great credit for having fostered an excellent team spirit. Credit too for shoring up a suspect defence. But he is still too cautious, to our detriment. That game could and should have been won inside 90 minutes. And taking off Grealish to bring on Trippier invited the Danes to attack. Paradoxically, you might think, those cautious tactics should work far better against the Italians. I don’t think it will be a fun-packed final.

Little question to Jordan Pickford who was not on the best of form. Where is the best place to stand when facing a free kick?

  1. In the centre of the goal
  2. On top of the crossbar
  3. Somewhere near Brent Cross Shopping Centre.

I am not an international goalkeeper, but still, I would go for (1) every time. Jordan chose (3). Maybe against Italy he will give us all a laugh by choosing (2).

Man of the Match – Reem. Again.