Rod Liddle

Eurovision was as hilarious as ever

Eurovision was as hilarious as ever
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Only in The Guardian could Britain’s humorous disdain for the Eurovision Song Contest be linked to the rise of UKIP and the decline of the British Empire:

'I think Eurovision-bashing reflects a crisis of collective national identity in the UK; it's a way of expressing feelings of unprocessed anger, frustration, and loss about the UK's place in the rapidly changing Europe and in the world more broadly. The great British social theorist Paul Gilroy has written of the UK's post-colonial melancholy, a failure to properly process and accept the end of the country's status as world leader, and I think that's what's at play here.

The UK has been suffering a prolonged national identity crisis since the 1950s, in which resistance to European integration became a crucial unifying factor.'

That was by a lady writer, but I’ve forgotten her name. And the energy required to go back and look at her name, and then write it down for you, just doesn’t seem worth it.

And the contest? As hilarious as ever. I’ve never been a big fan of Bonnie Tyler, despite the fact that her biggest hit gave one of my favourite contemporary bands its name. The Danish babe who won was agreeable. As usual everyone voted for the people next door except for Armenia and Azerbaijan, of course. The music was mostly horrible but the Liddle household carried a torch – a very small torch – for Malta, and for the post ironic nutjob lesbo pop of Finland……………….