Ruth Dudley-Edwards

Even the Eurocrats won’t be able to ignore this vote

Even the Eurocrats won't be able to ignore this vote
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I’ve just had a joyful phone call from Kevin Myers, one of the very few Irish journalists who was on the ‘No’ side.  I was fearing the Irish vote would just be ignored, but Kevin, rarely an optimist, convinced me that the Irish electorate won’t stand for being told – as in the case of their vote against Nice - to vote again and give the right answer; and the turn-out was so high that it legitimizes a very clear result.  What’s more, the Irish Taoiseach is not popular and times are hard, so riding roughshod over the voters is not an easy option.

This is not a good time to be a Eurocrat.  Even they cannot ignore that the Irish reflect public opinion across the continent.