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Everyone Needs an Obama

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I also enjoyed the Alice Miles article Peter links to at the mother-blog, not least because I've never bought the notion that Gordon Brown was anything other than a long-term liability to this government. This, however, made me laugh:

But does Labour have a Barack Obama of its own? The most hotly tipped contender is Chuka Umunna, the charismatic Labour candidate for Streatham - although that may be partly because Mr Umunna is black.

And he is only 30 and not yet an MP, which is obviously a problem.

Yeah, I guess it is. Still, this has the makings of some great sport: Where-oh-where is the Liberal Democrat Obama? How can Plaid Cymru expect to raise the valleys if they don't find a Welsh Obama? Where, in the name of the wee man, is the Ulster Unionist Obama? And so on and so on...

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