Ex-Tory MP: Theresa May blocked Brexit ‘no deal’ planning

Ex-Tory MP: Theresa May blocked Brexit 'no deal' planning
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Theresa May has always said 'no deal is better than a bad deal', but how much has her government actually prepared for the possibility of walking away from the EU if talks do break down? Not a lot, if the claims made by David Davis' former chief of staff, Stewart Jackson, are anything to go on. Speaking on the Daily Politics, the former Tory MP said that the Prime Minister had actually blocked attempts to prepare for no deal:

“David Davis pushed on producing an early white paper, pushed on getting officials out in Brussels doing granular technical negotiations six months ago, pushed on the Irish protocol putting legal text to the Irish government. All these areas. And certainly pushed on no deal planning, and it was constantly rebuffed by No 10”

“So the idea that the Prime Minister saying ‘Well I’m the better qualified, the most qualified person to take direct control of negotiations. I really need some convincing of that”

With only one day left until parliamentary recess, it seems the tensions between May and the Brexiteers show no sign of cooling off...

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