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Exclusive: The BBC to apologise for wronging Tyrie

Exclusive: The BBC to apologise for wronging Tyrie
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Here's one for newswatchers: a lesser spotted on-air apology from the BBC. During the Conservative Party conference, you may remember, they purported to show footage of Steve Hilton taking Andrew Tyrie into a corner to persuade him of the government's line. But they are about to publicly admit, during the 5pm bulletin on the BBC News Channel, that they misrepresented what actually happened — and they're sorry about it. Peter Oborne detailed the misrepresentation in his column last week; drawing attention to the clarifying blog post that the BBC's James Landale graciously wrote on the matter, two weeks ago.

Anyway, here's the text of the BBC's apology:

"Last month we broadcast some reports from the Conservative Party conference which fell below our usual standards.

Or reports gave a misleading impression that Andrew Tyrie MP had been influenced by a Downing Street official to say something he did not believe to be rue.

We have apologised to Mr Tyrie for our broadcasts."

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