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Facebook’s ‘Motherhood Challenge’ is designed for sad exhibitionists

Facebook's 'Motherhood Challenge' is designed for sad exhibitionists
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Further proof that social media is fundamentally evil comes by way of Facebook's Motherhood Challenge. It has been doing the rounds for about a week, and asks women to contribute by posting a series of photos that make them 'happy to be a mother'. They are then encouraged to 'tag' people they think are 'great mothers', so they can then post their own pictures. Duly, the exercise has been criticised by other Facebook users as smug, as well as insensitive to women with fertility problems. It’s only a matter of time before this incisive comment moves on to the issue of why fathers too aren’t outing themselves as happy, proud parents.

Look, I know that Facebook is all about invading your own privacy, and I do realise that most social media users are pretty well incapable of making a distinction between the public and private, but do they have to bring their wretched children into it? No one is interested in the things that make you proud to be a mother. You share these things with your mother and father if you have them, your children’s godparents, and then shut up about it. Only a sad exhibitionist exploits their children's first steps, Easter bonnets or worse, gruesome pictures of their entry into the world.

Mind you, there is no obligation on anyone to sign up for Facebook and subject themselves to all this. And now that we can see that the company’s tax affairs resemble those of Google, there’s even more reason for not going there.

Written byMelanie McDonagh

Melanie McDonagh is a leaderwriter for the Evening Standard and Spectator contributor. Irish, living in London.

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