Failing Grayling finally gets a break

Failing Grayling finally gets a break
Chris Grayling (photo: Getty)
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Chris Grayling recently went down in history as the one of the only men able to lose a rigged election. The former Transport Secretary had been lined up by No. 10 to chair the intelligence and security committee, but ended up being rejected by his fellow committee members when his Tory colleague, Julian Lewis, decided to vote for himself instead. But now things are looking up for failing Grayling.

Grayling has got himself a new job advising a ports company for the hefty sum of £100,000 a year. Before critics get too outraged, it’s important to take into account that this is for an exhausting seven hours of work per week. Grayling might be trying to work off the £100 million bill he stuck the taxpayer with as transport secretary, when he hired ferries to bring in vital supplies for a no-deal Brexit, which ended up never being used. The incident did at least prove that Grayling has a lot of experience with docked ships.

Why is the port company paying him so much? Perhaps they will try to fully utilise Grayling’s gift as a reverse-midas and do the opposite of what he says. It does make you wonder though, if they are willing to pay £100,000 for Chris Grayling, what salary would they give to a minister who wasn’t dubbed ‘the worst transport secretary of all time’? It should give hope to all of Grayling’s constituents who are about to be taken off furlough at least – try and get a job with a docking company, clearly they’ll take just about anyone...