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Fallon: Cabinet have told Theresa May she has to change

Fallon: Cabinet have told Theresa May she has to change
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Theresa May might still be in office, but she is not in power in anything like the way she was before. On the Marr Show, Michael Fallon made clear that the Cabinet had told Theresa May to drop her two chiefs of staff, Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, and that they had told her that there would have to be more collective decision making from now on.

Fallon’s interview made clear that May now serves at the pleasure of the Cabinet. I suspect that as soon as they think she can be removed without prompting another election, she will be.

But one thing helping May stay in Number 10 is that there couldn’t be a Tory coronation, the party is too divided over both policy—the nature of Brexit—and personnel, Boris fans and those who think he has 35 million problems, for that.

Nicky Morgan on Peston On Sunday said that May couldn’t lead the party into another election. But she also made clear that she would oppose a coronation, instead favouring a leadership contest taking in the party conference.

Morgan was another person that May alienated unnecessarily, sacking her with unnecessary brutality. One of the rules of politics is not to make enemies when you don’t have to. But Theresa May broke that rule in her treatment of Osborne, Morgan and the rest and is now paying the price.

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