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Feedback | 13 August 2005

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Comments on All Men Are Not Equal by Mark Steyn

Mark Steyn makes so much sense, even while writing in an entertaining way. I worry a bit about him -I just hope he does not put himself at risk.

Beryl Thomas

Excellent, as usual. ‘Blairism’ ain’t British. Britain hasn’t been British since Thatcher was stabbed in the back by idiots. Canada hasn’t been close to sanity since the faux intellectual, would-be revolutionary Marxist actor Trudeau was appointed PM by the whores and thieves of the Liberal party, looking for a Great White North JFK.

Alex Dryden

I see that Mark Steyn doesn’t like the invaders of Canada paying the real owners of Canada money to re-house them, but says nothing about the invaders of Palestine getting money for squatting on Arab lands. I am not surprised as I have read a few articles from this right wing lunatic.

David Pawson

Can we make Mark Steyn mandatory reading? Isn’t there some Order of the British Something or Other that he should be Knighted or Gartered or something for having some good ole English, recently British common sense? Can’t he be forgiven for being Canadian and living in America? Praise be Jesus...Oh, he may be Jewish. Thank God for Mark Steyn.

Michael Mullock

Yet again, Mark Steyn hits the nail squarely on the head. What people find shocking is the thought that a culture can be inferior to another, despite the obvious empirical evidence that it is so. But the pretence that all cultures are equal makes the believer feel good about his/her own beneficence.

John Roberts

Steyn’s “ENOUGH WITH THE AGONISING” is another masterpiece of revelation, fact and truth. It ought to be framed for public display with other important documents.

Frank Laughter

Having felt depressed all week it takes just a few words from Mark Steyn to cheer me up and make me realise that my friends and I are not alone in our views. When will the indisputable become acceptable once more? When I was a sprog we knew what was what because our parents were quick to tell us. My father delighted us kids by telling us he had been an assassin for the Queen. Later I learned he was in the Paras (at Suez, Aden and Cyprus) but I always preferred the former description because it said everything to me about where we came from and where we were going. I don’t understand this country anymore.

Dr Derek Sinclair

Comments on Allow Bakri Mohammed to Spew Out His Rubbish by Rod Liddle

How well- reasoned, Mr Liddle, how plausible a thesis! You did however forget the little matter of over fifty Londoners blown to bits, hundreds maimed -some for life - on July 7th, and the even greater tragedy of 9/11. Does it not feed into your consciousness that those perpetrating such acts are under the influence of the “spew”, as you call it, which encourages and applauds such acts?

Have we not a duty to stop such vituperations even though as you so rightly declare “it will take away the right to free speech”? To stop this