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Feedback | 13 December 2003

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Comment on You have been warmed by Tom Fort (06/12/2003)

The climate changes. The effects of sunlight on the earth’s surface, varies with location, cloud cover, air movement and pressure and the radiant properties of a cocktail of trace gases (measured in parts per million or billion) in the various levels of the gas envelope we all live in.

Global warming caused by anthropogenic gaseous production, carbon dioxide and sulphur from burning of fossil fuels, methane from livestock, fluorocarbons from sprays all affect, as one might say, is a burning issue in science today. Superficially, it is portrayed, invariably by simple-minded people, i.e. politicians, as a “simple” issue. However, the principal greenhouse gas is water vapour that is both natural in origin and highly variable in its distribution but typically it makes up 3% of the atmosphere and is most evident as clouds.

Simple and sensational Apocalyptic visions have been seized by an unquestioning media and employed by the truffle hounds of science funding worldwide to winkle out funding for their hot air schemes. The political consequence and response is both simple and reflexive: since the market itself won