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Feedback | 19 July 2003

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Comment on Girls just want to have funds by Rachel Royce (12/07/2003)

Rachel Royce gives women a bad name when she accuses men of greed yet expects a return of between 200% and 800% on her “investment”. Simple logic will tell her that it is not men, but elementary maths that make a pyramid scheme unsustainable. A seasoning of gender, class and libertarian polemic should not be allowed to disguise the spuriousness of her argument. Hearts and their ilk are called “gifting” schemes, not “investment” schemes for a reason: money only flows up the pyramid, not down. That is why the unfortunates at the bottom will ask for their money “back” in vain; they have merely “gifted” it to their recruiters and the only way they can get a payout is by putting their hands in the next suckers’ pockets. Rachel may not have lost out, but someone will, not through risk, but through inevitability. Would she be comfortable knowing it was a friend or a friend