Femi Oluwole’s Labour ultimatum

Femi Oluwole's Labour ultimatum
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It has been a difficult few years for Remainer campaigner Femi Oluwole. Having failed to stop Brexit, secure a second referendum or prevent the Tories winning a majority in 2019, you might have thought the last four years would have chastened the 'Our Future Our Choice' founder. Not a bit of it.

Oluwole, 31, is now turning his hand to journalism with the same aplomb that he brought to political campaigning. In a series of bizarre tweets this afternoon that sounded like outtakes from a Liam Neeson Taken sequel, Oluwole told Labour's team that he was 'currently writing an article which it's in your interest to stop' and added 'You have my number. You've got a few days to use it.'

As right of replies go, it certainly is an unconventional approach, with the former law student claiming in subsequent tweets that 'We've gone past opening salvos. Egotistical? How, I'm just stating facts' but that 'if they can reassure me they're going in the direction the article says they need to go, then I don't need to publish it.'

Such novel methods appear unlikely to be other hacks however, with Tim Shipman, the doyen of the parliamentary lobby writing 'I've been a member of the the most self-satisfied, aggressive, arrogant, fatuous, self-obsessed group of journalists in Britain for 20 years, derided across the land for their inflated self-importance and I can't think of a single lobby journalist who would ever have tweeted this.

Oluwole's ire appears to centre on his rebuffed application to join the Labour party from March 2020 – hardly surprising given that he tweeted that his reason for joining was 'it is the single best thing I could possibly do to support other opposition parties.' He nevertheless claimed today that: 'My appeal is now over a year old. And they're still failing to do the right things' and that 'We simply cannot afford Labour to make the wrong decisions in the lead up to the next election.'

Given Femi's track record, Mr Steerpike wonders who better to give advice on making the wrong decisions?

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