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Finally, the world has realised that George Osborne is a hottie

Finally, the world has realised that George Osborne is a hottie
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It's hard to think of a time when we didn't all fancy the Chancellor of the Exchequer,' begins George Osborne’s entry in this year’s ‘The Tatler List’ – the society magazine’s annual compilation of ‘the people who really matter’. This year Osborne is placed at number 4, trumped only by Princess Charlotte, Ant and Dec, and Prince George, and a full 13 places higher than the next politician on the list, Mayoral hopeful Zac Goldsmith. But is it really all that hard to remember a time when ‘we didn’t all fancy the Chancellor’? The magazine puts his attraction down to his ‘big brain, sexy hair cut, and control of the biggest bank account in the country’.

Back in 2014, I pointed out on these very pages that George was looking a bit dishy (this being just after his initial makeover). A couple of people did agree with me – but his admirers were certainly in the minority. Most people told me that I was utterly bonkers. I wasn’t entirely surprised that so few people agreed with me, but even so, I was sure that my views were justified. It’s certainly true to say that, two years ago, we didn’t all fancy the Chancellor. The Sunday Times’s Atticus column even claimed that it was ‘the first time the words “chancellor of the exchequer” and “a bit dishy” have appeared quite so close together’.

So I’m glad that the rest of the world – or at least the country – have finally seen the light. And I think they really have. After all, in 2014 George was number 89 on the Sexy MP website. Now, he’s at 68 – and if that isn’t proof, then I don’t know what is. At the same time though, I’m not entirely sure I like having to share. Perhaps I’ll have to find another crush…