James Forsyth

Follow the money | 14 April 2010

Follow the money | 14 April 2010
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Looking at the papers this morning and watching the news last night, you realise what a benefit in the image stakes the Tory cash advantage gives them. The Tories can afford to hire out better venues than the other two parties. So while Labour launched their manifesto in hospital and the Lib Dems theirs at Bloomberg, the Tories used Battersea Power Station which provided them with much better visuals. We saw the same dynamic on the day the election was called: Labour’s event was in Downing Street, the Lib Dem one in an office and the Tory one on the terrace of County Hall looking over to Parliament

The Mirror’s front page today accuses Cameron of using his photo-ops to benefit the firms that are backing his position on National Insurance. But this has things backwards: Cameron is trying to the use the brands to promote himself not the other way round. As Francis Elliott and colleagues wrote yesterday, Cameron is trying to associate himself with brands that people trust and are seen as inclusive and aspirational.