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For Taipei exile and others……………

For Taipei exile and others……………
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I’m writing about the Swiss referendum for the magazine this week. In lieu of a blog on the same issue I thought I’d direct you to a different blog which reveals the even-handed and objective manner in which the BBC views the vote. Its Islamic Affairs Analyst, Roger Hardy, has described the referendum as an example of something called “Islamophobia”. Perhaps he means the same sort of “Islamophobia” some of us Zionist reactionaries are possessed by when we see Muslim savages stoning women to death in Somalia. Mr Hardy has also been taking questions from the public and demonstrating his analysis of Islamic affairs; he has asserted that the almost complete lack of democracy in Islamic countries is nothing to do with the fact that they are Islamic – that’s just a coincidence.

We need to know more about this monkey – all information gratefully received. In the meantime here’s his blog on the Swiss……..