Peter Hoskin

For the workers?

For the workers?
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One of the defences that Labour types are mustering over Unite is, bascially, that it's better to be funded by a body which represents some two million workers than by Ashcroft type figures who may have their own personal agendas.

In which case, the question is: do Charlie Whelan and his coterie really represent the views and interests of Unite's members?  And, in answer, it's worth pulling out two snippets from today's papers.

EXHIBIT A, courtesy of Danny Finkelstein:

"A Populus poll of Unite members last year showed the majority preferring David Cameron to Gordon Brown and opposing Unite donations to Labour."

And EXHIBIT B, from Ben Brogan's interview with George Osborne:

"Unite, [Osborne] reveals, is the one union that has refused to meet him as part of Conservative attempts to open a conversation with the trade union movement. 'We have had various meetings and a dinner with the TUC and quite pointedly Unite did not turn up to any of them. I assume that’s deliberate.'"

I'll let CoffeeHousers draw their own conclusions.