Rod Liddle

Forget Jeremy Corbyn, I’m backing Liz Kendall for Labour leader

Forget Jeremy Corbyn, I'm backing Liz Kendall for Labour leader
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I daresay some of you lot are amusing yourselves by joining the Labour Party for three quid so as to vote for Jeremy Corbyn in the forthcoming leadership election. Can’t say I blame you – it would be a hoot to watch. That being said, he is not the worst candidate on the list. At least Corbyn has a critique of why Labour lost.

A wrong critique, I think – just as it was wrong when Tony Benn said the same stuff after the 1983 disaster. But a critique at least (and Corbyn, when he doesn’t mention the IRA, can be a fairly agreeable chap). No – the thing is, if you really wanted to hurt Labour in a wizard wheeze, you’d join the party and vote for Yvette Cooper. No critique at all there. Just a perpetual state of denial.

I’m voting for Liz Kendall, btw. A bit too closely associated with the Blair camp for my liking, but with a good blueish-Labour streak running through her. And a grammar school girl. Hey, maybe she could bring them back.