France takes another pop at Britain’s vaccine strategy

France takes another pop at Britain's vaccine strategy
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The number of Brits who have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine hit 9.2million yesterday. But not everyone is impressed at the pace of the rollout. Step forward, France's Europe minister, Clément Beaune, who has followed the example set by his boss Emmanuel Macron in criticising the British approach.

The UK has taken 'a lot of risks' in its vaccine programme, Beaune told reporters: 

'The British are in an extremely difficult health situation. They are taking many risks in this vaccination campaign. And I can understand it, but they are taking many risks. They have spaced – and the scientists have told us not to – they have massively spaced the two injections apart…They mainly depend on one vaccine, AstraZeneca.

'The UK has used the vaccine in this age group (aged 65 plus). So I understand that if they are in a difficult health situation, they take additional risks, but I do not think our citizens would accept if we took all those risks despite the recommendations of our scientists.'

Britain's decision to space the doses apart has allowed many more people to receive some level of protection against Covid-19. And it's an approach that has been backed by the UK's Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty, who says the way in which the vaccine is rolled out has 'essentially double(d) the number of people' who have received a jab.

Perhaps it's time for France to concentrate on its own programme rather than continue to knock Britain's...