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Full list of ministerial resignations

Full list of ministerial resignations
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Barring a huge upset, it seems inevitable that Boris Johnson will be walking through the black door of Number 10 in two day's time. Once there, he is expected to conduct a sweeping reshuffle of government ministers – appointing his allies and removing members of May's Cabinet who are opposed to his Brexit strategy.

So for the various Cabinet members who will not countenance a no-deal Brexit (or are opposed to Boris more generally) these next two days present a golden opportunity: the chance to resign from government, before you're forced out.

Coffee House will be keeping track of the ministerial resignations this week, before Boris Johnson is expected to enter 10 Downing Street. Below are the ministers who've already jumped, and those likely to resign:


Philip Hammond

The Chancellor patted himself on the back in his resignation letter to the PM and wrote: 'Despite the uncertainty created by the unresolved issue of Brexit, we have been able to make notable progress...'

Alan Duncan

'I am writing to resign now in anticipation of the change in Wednesday. I am doing so a couple of days early in order to be free to express my views in advance of you relinquishing office.'

Anne Milton

'I have grave concerns about leaving the EU without a deal, and so I feel it is time for me to return to the backbenches.'

David Lidington

'After 20 yrs on the front bench it's the right moment to move on. I shall leave the govt when Theresa May offers her resignation to The Queen.'

David Gauke

'Given Boris's stated policy of leaving the EU by 31 October at all costs, I am not willing to serve in his government'

Penny Mordaunt

'I’m heading to the backbenches from where the PM will have my full support'

Rory Stewart

On the precipice:

Greg Clark

Karen Bradley

Claire Perry

Caroline Nokes