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Full list: the Tory MPs backing Boris Johnson

Full list: the Tory MPs backing Boris Johnson
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Graham Brady, the chair of the Tory backbench 1922 committee, has announced that Boris Johnson will face a confidence vote at 6 p.m. this evening. He told the Prime Minister yesterday that the required 54 letters had been received and that would face a vote imminently.

Voting for Conservative MPs finishes at 8 p.m. and we can expect the result to be announced later this evening. Johnson will need the backing of 180 MPs to remain leader of the Conservative party. A statement from Number 10 said: 

'The PM welcomes the opportunity to make his case to MPs and will remind them that when they are united and focussed on the issues that matter to voters there is no more formidable political force.'

MPs who have publicly backed the PM:

1. Brendan Clarke-Smith, Bassetlaw: 'I will continue to back our Prime Minister Boris Johnson.'

2. Michael Fabricant, Lichfield: 'If you had any doubt, I will be supporting him.'

3. James Duddridge, Rochford and Southend East: 'We need to get on with the job and tonight’s vote will draw a line under these issues. #BackBoris.'

4. Paul Bristow, Peterborough: 'The PM won our Party a majority & deserves to govern.'

5. Stuart Anderson, Wolverhampton South West: 'For 100% clarity Boris Johnson has my full support.'

6. Simon Clarke, Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland: 'I will be voting confidence in our Prime Minister Boris Johnson.'

7. Liz Truss, South West Norfolk: 'The Prime Minister has my 100 per cent backing in today's vote and I strongly encourage colleagues to support him.'

8. Joy Morrissey, Beaconsfield: 'The PM has my full support.'

9. Mark Jenkinson, Workington: 'Tonight there will be a vote of confidence in the Leader of the Conservative Party, in which Boris Johnson has my support.'

10. Brandon Lewis, Great Yarmouth: 'The Prime Minister has my full backing in today's vote.'

11. James Cleverley, Braintree: 'I’m not going to go flaky on him now.'

12. Eddie Hughes, Walsall North: 'I sincerely hope that once this vote is over we can draw a line under recent events and unite behind the PM, focusing all of our efforts on dealing with the people's priorities.'

13. Andrew Stephenson, Pendle: 'The Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who won a massive mandate from the British people less than three years ago, has my full support in today’s vote.'

14. Mark Pritchard, The Wrekin: 'Boris Johnson will win vote of no confidence later today.'

15. Simon Baynes, Clwyd South: 'Today I will be supporting Boris Johnson'

16. Rachel Maclean, Redditch: 'I will be supporting the Prime Minister in tonight’s vote.'

17. Will Quince, Colchester: 'I continue to back Boris Johnson as Prime Minister as we continue delivering on the priorities of the British people.'

18. Oliver Dowden, Hertsmere: 'I will be voting for Boris Johnson in the confidence vote tonight.'

19. Rishi Sunak, Richmond (Yorkshire): 'I am backing him today and will continue to back him as we focus on growing the economy, tackling the cost of living and clearing the Covid backlogs.'

20. Alok Sharma, Reading West: 'Boris Johnson has my full support & I urge Conservative MPs to vote for him today'

21. Dominic Raab, Esher and Walton: 'We need to back him, unite and focus on delivering the people’s priorities.'

22. Scott Benton, Blackpool South: 'The Prime Minister has my full support.'

23. Thérèse Coffey, Suffolk Coastal: 'I'm voting for the Prime Minister today & call upon my colleagues to do so too.'

24. Jacob Rees-Mogg, North East Somerset: 'The time for navel-gazing has ended. The British people gave Boris a mandate, Tory MPs would be wise to accept it.'

25. Michael Gove, Surrey Heath: 'I’ll be voting for Boris this evening.'

26. Kwasi Kwarteng, Spelthorne: 'Brexit done, vaccine rollout, record low unemployment, Ukraine response - the Prime Minister has got the big calls right and I will back him enthusiastically in today’s vote.'

27. Tom Hunt, Ipswich: 'It will be the people that determine the outcome of all of this and the Prime Minister’s fate, at an election'.

28. Ben Wallace, Preston North: 'He has my full confidence'.

29. James Morris, Halesowen: 'The Prime Minister has got the big calls right in the last few years'.

30. Greg Hands, Chelsea and Fulham : 'I will be backing the Prime Minister tonight'.

31. Wendy Morton, Aldridge-Brownhills: 'It’s time to stay focussed and united on the issues that matter to our country'.

32. Tom Pursglove, Corby: 'I’ll be voting confidence in Boris Johnson later to get on and deliver our ambitious agenda'.

33. Boris Johnson, Uxbridge

34. Guy Opperman, Hexham: 'The PM has my support'.

35. Suella Braverman, Fareham: 'Let’s unite and work together as a team.'

36. Neil O'Brien, Harborough: 'The PM has my full support.'

37. Alexander Stafford, Rother Valley: 'Time and time again, Boris Johnson has got the big calls right'.

38. Justin Tomlinson, North Swindon: 'We won seats up and down the country because of the PM'.

39. Stephen McPartland, Stevenage: 'I will support him as we tackle the cost of living crisis'.

40. Chris Clarkson, Heywood: 'It's an exercise is ego fluffing and it'll only help Labour'.

41. David Evennett, Bexleyheath: 'I do not believe this is the right moment for a leadership contest'.

42. Peter Bone, Wellingborough: 'Today I will vote for the Prime Minister he has my 100% support'.

43. Alex Burghart, Brentwood: 'The Prime Minister has my support - I will be voting for him today.'

44. Shailesh Vara, North West Cambridgeshire: 'He has made the right call on many issues'.

45. Richard Fuller, North East Bedfordshire: 'I shall be voting in support of the Prime Minister this evening.'

46. Lia Nici, Grimsby: 'I will be voting (by proxy) today in full support of the Prime Minister. He delivered Brexit...'.

47. Graham Stuart, Beverley: 'The Prime Minister has my full support'.

48. Jack Lopresti, Filton: 'I am supporting the PM today because he has delivered Brexit, the fastest vaccine roll-out in Europe...'.

49. Leo Docherty, Aldershot: 'Boris Johnson continues to have my 100% support'.

50. Alister Jack, Dumfries and Galloway: 'The PM has my full support...'.

51. Andrea Jenkyns, Morley and Outwood: 'I am backing Boris Johnson to get on with the job he was democratically elected to do'.

52. Chris Philp, Croydon South: 'Boris Johnson deserves support today...and he will have mine'.

53. Shaun Bailey, West Bromwich West: 'I'll be backing the Prime Minister today'.

54. Simon Hart, Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire: 'In good times & bad supporting the team - & especially its leader - has never been more important, and that’s what I’ll be doing tonight.'.

55. Natalie Elphicke, Dover: 'Boris Johnson delivers for the British people, time and again. Tonight, I will be backing Boris.'

56. Gareth Bacon, Orpington: 'I’ll be backing Boris Johnson this evening.'

57. Michael Ellis, Northampton North: 'The Prime Minister continues to have my 100% support.'.

58. Heather Wheeler, South Derbyshire: 'It is right that the Prime Minister focuses on dealing with the issues that matter to our constituents. He has my full support in doing so.'.

59. Steve Barclay, North East Cambridgeshire: 'We need to use the rest of this Parliament to deliver for the country we were elected to serve, not turn inwards.'

60. David TC Davies, Monmouth: 'His commitment (during the pandemic) was absolute and I have no hesitation in backing him today.'.

61. Sheryll Murray, South East Cornwall: 'I have confidence in Boris Johnson for continuing as our Prime Minister and will be voting to support him this evening.'.

62. Marco Longhi, Dudley North: 'Our PM has my unstinting support. Rejoiners: GET. OVER. IT.'.

63. Michelle Donelan, Chippenham: 'I'll be supporting the PM this evening because on the big issues he's made the right calls.'.

64. James Sunderland, Bracknell: 'We need to get behind him' (he said on BBC 5 Live).

65. Kit Malthouse, North West Hampshire: 'In the fight against crime there can be no better leader than Boris Johnson'.

66. Jacob Young, Redcar: 'Boris has my full confidence.'.

67.  Nadhim Zahawi, Stratford-upon-Avon: 'The PM has got the big calls right: be it on Brexit, vaccines or leading us out of the pandemic. We must get behind him...'

68. Grant Shapps, Welwyn Hatfield: 'Boris Johnson has my support'.

69. Conor Burns, Bournemouth West: 'I will vote to support Boris tonight'.

70. Nigel Huddleston, Mid Worcestershire: 'I shall be backing the PM in today's vote'.

71. Marcus Jones, Nuneaton: 'My focus is on my constituents and the PM has my full support.'

72. Alun Cairns, Vale of Glamorgan: 'I will be backing the PM tonight'.

73. Nadine Dorries, Mid Bedfordshire: 'Every big decision bang on. He 100 (per cent) has my vote'.

74. George Eustice, Camborne: 'George supports the Prime Minister,' the MP confirmed in a statement.

75. Amanda Milling, Cannock Chase: 'The PM is the ONLY person to lead our country.'

76. Cherilyn Mackrory, Truro and Falmouth: 'I will be supporting the Prime Minister this evening'.

77. Kate Griffiths, Burton: 'I believe that the Prime Minister and his team have got the big calls right and I do not believe now is the right time for a leadership contest. For that reason, I will be supporting him in today’s vote'.

78. Jonathan Gullis, Stoke on Trent: 'I am supporting Boris Johnson in tonight's confidence vote'.

79. Nick Fletcher, Don Valley: 'I will be supporting the Prime Minister tonight.'

80. Martin Vickers, Cleethorpes: 'I'm going to be supporting him'. (He confirms on the Victoria Derbyshire show)

81. Robert Courts, Witney: 'The Prime Minister has my full support in today’s vote.'.

82. Kemi Badenoch, Saffron Walden: 'I’m supporting the Prime Minister today'.

83. Paul Scully, Sutton and Cheam: 'I'll be voting in support of the PM this evening'.

84. Steve Double, Newquay: 'The Prime Minister continues to have my support.'

85. Ben Bradley, Mansfield: 'For the avoidance of all doubt, I will be supporting the PM tonight'.

86. Sarah Dines, Derbyshire Dales: 'I was elected on a mandate of supporting Boris and that it what I shall continue to do.'

87. Mark Eastwood, Kirklees: 'I shall be backing the Prime Minister at tonight’s vote. He has made all the right calls on Brexit, furlough, the vaccine roll-out and leading us out of the pandemic.'

88. Jason McCartney, Kirklees: 'This just isn’t the right time for a protracted three-month-long leadership campaign.'

89. Lee Anderson, Ashfield: 'For clarity I will be supporting Boris. Anything else puts the Rwanda scheme at risk.'

90. Helen Whateley,  Faversham: 'I will be voting in support of Boris Johnson this afternoon'.

91. Nigel Adams, Selby: 'I’m backing Boris Johnson tonight. He is the right person for the job'.

92. Christopher Chope, Christchurch: 'It is disappointing that some of my colleagues are behaving like headless chickens'. 

93. Andrew Griffith, Arundel: 'We need to focus on getting on with the job and serving the country.'.

94. Amanda Solloway, Derby North: 'I will be backing the PM in the vote tonight'.

95. Suzanne Webb, Stourbridge: 'The Prime Minister has my support – I will be voting for him today'.

96. Bob Stewart, Beckenham: 'Right now, with a cost of living crisis and a war in Europe, is not the right time (to get rid of Boris).'

97. Mark Fletcher, Bolsover: 'Tonight I will be voting for the Prime Minister'

98. Mike Freer, Finchley and Golders Green: 'No one is infallible but I will support the PM as he has supported me and my constituency when needed'

99. James Heappey, Wells: 'I’ll be supporting the PM this evening.'

100. Danny Kruger, Devizes: 'Those promises were made, more than by anyone else, by Boris Johnson. He is the man to deliver them.'

101. Anne-Marie Trevelyan, Berwick-upon-Tweed: 'The PM has my total support in tonight’s vote'

102. James Cartlidge, South Suffolk: 'I reiterate my April statement backing the PM for the big strategic decisions he’s got right on the pandemic & Ukraine.'

103. Richard Holden, North West Durham: '#BackBoris'

104. Sajid Javid, Bromsgrove: 'I’m supporting the Prime Minister and I hope more of my colleagues do tonight.' (he said on BBC Radio 4)

105. Jake Berry, Rossendale: 'I will be supporting the Prime Minister in tonight's vote.'

106. Peter Gibson, Darlington: 'Boris Johnson retains my confidence as our PM and as a champion for the North East'.

107. Julie Lopez, Upminster: 'For constituents asking about vote, I’m backing PM tonight'. 

108. Royston Smith, Southampton Itchen: ‘My constituents are not telling me overwhelmingly that they want Boris to go’

109. Mike Penning, Hemel Hempstead

110. Damian Hinds, East Hampshire: 'I will be voting for the PM tonight.'

111. Saqib Bhatti, Meriden: 'Our focus must be to deal with the high cost of living.'

112. Gagan Mohindra, South West Hertfordshire: 'He has my full support'

113. Ranil Jayawardena, North East Hampshire: 'He has apologised for the mistakes that were made.'

114. James Daly, Bury North: 'This Government is committed to repaying that trust by levelling up and uniting our country.'

115. Katherine Fletcher, South Ribble: 'Totally' support him.

116. Matt Warman, Boston and Skegness: 'I want to see the government deliver on the issues that fill up my inbox.'

117. Iain Stewart, Milton Keynes South: 'I shall be supporting him this evening.'

118. Lee Rowley, North East Derbyshire: 'We need to re-focus.'

119. Joy Mortimer, Hartlepool: 'Hartlepool voted overwhelmingly for Brexit and Boris got it done.'

120. Maggie Throup, Erewash: 'It's clear from my inbox that the PM still commands a huge amount of public support'.

121. Priti Patel, Witham: 'The Home Secretary looks forward to supporting the Prime Minster tonight.'

122. Trudy Harrison, Copeland: 'It's the PM's bold leadership that is securing a bright future for Copeland'.

123. Chris Pincher, Tamworth: 'We are at our best when united'.

124. Craig Williams, Montgomeryshire: 'Having listened to the PM at the 1922, I will continue to back Boris Johnson'.

125. Lucy Frazer, South East Cambridgeshire: 'Tonight I will be voting to support the PM who was elected by the British people'.

126. Paul Howell, Sedgefield: 'I started the day as a supporter of the Prime Minister, and after extensive consultations with both colleagues and constituents, my support remains unchanged'.

127. Karl McCartney, Lincoln

128. Chloe Smith, Norwich North: 'I back the PM to get on with the job.'

129. Dean Russell, Watford: He 'doesn't feel this is time for a distracting & divisive leadership contest given the challenges the country faces.'

130. Miriam Cates, Penistone and Stocksbridge: 'I hope' he will be re-elected.

131. Damian Collins, Folkestone: He won an 'overwhelming' majority in 2019.

132. James Wild, North West Norfolk: 'We need a government focused on the levelling up he was elcted to deliver.'

133. Robert Jenrick, Newark: 'The full attention of the party needs to be on growing the economy, delivering on our promise to level-up and playing the leading role in Europe’s defence.'

134. Matt Vickers, Stockton South: 'The Prime Minister backs Teesside and I’m backing him.'

135. Sally-Ann Hart, Hastings: 'In 2019, we saw a massive majority of MPs elected for Boris Johnson’s Conservatives reflecting a realignment of politics based on 2016’s EU referendum. The PM upholds that realignment.'

136. Mims Davies, Mid Sussex: 'It's time to unite, serve and deliver.'

137. Victoria Prentis, Banbury

138. David Morris, Morecambe and Lunesdale: 'I will be supporting the Prime Minister in this evenings vote.'

139. Bim Afolami, Hitchen and Harpenden: 'The PM has my full support.'

140. Gillian Keegan, Chichester: 'These are very difficult times to navigate.'

141. Julie Marson, Hertford and Stortford: 'The PM has taken full responsibility.'

142. Alan Mak, Havant: 'Getting on with the job.'

143. David Rutley, Macclesfield: 'He has my support.'

144. Sarah Atherton, Wrexham: 'The opposition is invested in this which is perpetuated by the media.'

145. Mark Logan, Bolton North East: 'Now is not the time to create more uncertainty for the country.'

146. Greg Knight, East Yorkshire

147. Sara Britcliffe, Hyndburn and Haslingden

148. Mark Spencer, Sherwood: '100 per cent' behind Johnson.

149. Robert Buckland, South Swindon: 'It is only a couple of years since the PM and the Conservative Party won a big majority at a General Election. It is not right that his mandate might be ended in this way'.

150. Chris Heaton-Harris, Daventry

152. Jane Stevenson, Wolverhampton: 'In the interests of what I feel is best for Wolverhampton I will be supporting the Prime Minister this evening'

153. Ian Levy, Blyth Valley: 'I have made clear my desire to see things change but I do believe that the Prime Minister should be allowed to address this'.

154. Rehman Chishti, Gillingham: 'Today I voted to support the PM Boris Johnson in the vote of confidence'.

155. Kevin Hollinrake, Thirsk and Malton: 'I am voting with the Prime Minister this evening'.