Games organiser’s Olympic oversight

Games organiser's Olympic oversight
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Given this year's Tokyo games had to be called off because of the Covid pandemic, you would think those sitting around at Olympic HQ might have a bit of spare time to brush up on their history. Judging by the official Olympic Twitter account, it would seem not. 

Some social media whizz-kid decided to put together an inspirational vid celebrating the 1936 Berlin Olympics, complete with archive film of the Olympiastadion and a rousing classical number. 

The post noted that the Nazi-organised games were the first in which a cauldron was used for the Olympic flame. A Fascinating historical titbit, but perhaps overshadowed by the fact that Hitler's fascists barred German Jews from participating in the games and interned hundreds of Romani Berliners in a concentration camp. Somewhat inevitably, the Tweet has now been deleted...

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