Gary Lineker’s Brexit muddle

Gary Lineker's Brexit muddle
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When Gary Lineker isn’t talking about football there is another subject that he likes to bang on about: Brexit. Lineker has backed the 'People’s Vote' campaign and is calling for a second referendum. As the Chancellor Philip Hammond unveiled his Brexit forecasts this morning, Lineker was spurred into action on Twitter:

The only problem? That is the message the Treasury was selling 2.5 years ago. Back in May 2016, the chancellor’s predecessor George Osborne warned that Brexit would tip Britain into a year-long recession and cause a ‘profound’ economic shock. We were also told by David Cameron that a vote to Leave would be the ‘self-destruct option’. Of course in the end that never happened. But Mr S thinks Lineker is wrong to think that these warnings about Brexit are anything new…

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