George Galloway’s battle bus lives on to fight another day

George Galloway's battle bus lives on to fight another day
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With George Galloway predicted to have won roughly one per cent of the vote in the London mayoral election, his dream of becoming Mayor is fading fast. So, barring a drastic recount, the next question to ask is: what will become of his battle bus?

[caption id="attachment_9472502" align="alignright" width="520"]Bus1 (Credit: Camilla Swift)[/caption]

Barely a day has gone by in the campaign when Galloway has not been spotted in the bright blue bus touring the streets of London. Happily, Steerpike understands that Londoners can expect to see more of the Respect politician and his vehicle.

Rather than return the vehicle, Mr S hears that Galloway now owns the bus and plans to paint it as he requires for his various projects. That means Londoners are likely to see a 'The Killing of Tony Blair' bus, a Brexit bus and a... Sadiq Khan by-election bus.

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