George Osborne defrosts humble pie

George Osborne defrosts humble pie
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Oh dear. It was a case of bad timing for George Osborne last week when the day after the paper he edits offered Theresa May an olive branch, a profile appeared in Esquire magazine claiming the former Chancellor had told hacks he would not rest until the Prime Minister was chopped up in bits in his freezer.

Since then Osborne has been widely condemned by both Tory MPs and women's action groups against violence. So, it was only a matter of time until an apology came. This apology appears to be lurking in a leader in today's Evening Standard. Osborne appears to have had to eat humble pie – with the article making reference to 'intemperate language – even when said in jest':

'In the battles over Brexit, and over the future direction of the Conservative Party, some harsh words have been said about the Prime Minister.

Her advisers created a poisonous atmosphere among senior Tories. But they are now gone, and a much more consensual team has recently replaced them in Downing Street.

Mrs May’s critics in her party will want to respond in kind.

We can reflect that strong differences of opinion do not need intemperate language, even when said in jest. Whatever the future holds for her leadership, today’s interview reminds us of Mrs May’s qualities.'

Mr S suspects the 'humour' was lost on the paper's proprietor Evgeny Lebedev.

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