George Osborne’s new mission

George Osborne's new mission
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Although it's been said that revenge is a dish best served cold, George Osborne seems to take the approach that it is best served daily. Since the former Chancellor left politics to edit the Evening Standard, he has taken great joy in making Theresa May's day a little bit worse with each issue. Today is no exception. Osborne has taken it upon himself to personally tweet out Tim Montgomerie's Standard op-ed calling for Theresa May to go.

It's clear that Osborne would like May – the woman who sacked him – to be shown the door. In fact, Tory sources say Osborne is set on her demise. The problem comes when conversation turns to who ought to replace her. The former MP for Tatton is anti-Boris. Neither does he care much for David Davis.

In fact, the only leadership potential he sees is in an alliance between Amber Rudd and Michael Gove. So keen is the former Chancellor for the duo to take the reins of the party that he was floating the idea before they had even met to discuss.

Of course, Osborne will be kicking himself that his favourite candidate for the top job bowed out of the game at just the wrong moment. Had Osborne stayed on as the MP for Tatton, he could have finally unleashed his own leadership ambitions. Instead, he is having to plot from the sidelines.

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