George Osborne takes revenge

George Osborne takes revenge
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To the surprise of some Brexiteers, today's front pages have been broadly sympathetic to Theresa May and her troubled deal. In fact, it's today's Evening Standard which appears to play to the Brexiteer cause most strongly. The paper's editor George Osborne – May's old nemesis – has tweeted out the front page which reads 'EU takes back control':

Does anyone else get the impression he is enjoying this?

Less impressed was prisons minister Rory Stewart, who picked up the front page on Politics Live, and angrily told the panel:

‘This is really crazy stuff here. This is really crazy, really crazy. Because he’s taking unbelievable risk here. Almost certainly what he's doing here is increasing the chance of a no-deal, hard Brexit. He's fantasising that by doing this he's going to bring the people back into the European Union and it's a really crazy gamble.’

Stewart better watch out, Mr S hears there's plenty of empty space left in Osborne's freezer...

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