Getting recovery right

Getting recovery right
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How do you want to be treated if you fall behind on your bills? It’s a question many families and businesses will face first-hand this year as they struggle with debt, often for the first time.

I think that we all agree on the answer. You want to be treated with the understanding that you always try to pay your way but that, right now, times are tough. You want to be treated with compassion so that you can explain your problem, and be given the flexibility to work out a plan that will help you get back on track.

Getting it right matters more now than ever. As the pandemic takes away many people’s income and changes even the best laid financial plans, many households and businesses are facing tough times ahead, with the added worry of debts they will struggle to repay.

Problem debt must not become a lasting scar on our fragile recovery. No home or office should get a threatening letter, a heavy knock on the door or a demand for payment that cannot possibly be met. Everyone should have a fair way through their crisis and out of debt.

The public sector can lead the way because more of what people owe, they owe to the government. It can be smart and tough on the few fraudsters who steal public money from us all, but give sensitive support to the rest of us. Treat those in debt right and we will help the country recover in good time and in good health.

Indesser is the specialist that gets it right

More than 50 public bodies trust Indesser to look after their debt and the people who owe it. No matter how difficult someone’s situation is or how vulnerable they feel, our panel of debt collection agencies have highly trained teams who are there to listen and to help them find a safe, lasting way out of debt. Ten million times a year, we make contact with people who owe money to government with a simple message: ‘We’re here to help.’ We back that up with world-class data analysis, expertise in counter fraud and the highest standards for service and safety.

It works. With Indesser’s support, people and businesses have paid back over £2.3 billion in public sector debt since 2015 — enough to build over 200 primary schools.

Understanding, compassionate and flexible - Indesser is here to help us recover. Learn more at

Rhona Parry is CEO, Indesser