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Glenn Beck to Unveil Plan to Save the American Republic

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I really don't know what to make of this. As politics it's bizarre, as a kind of performance art it's mesmerising. And popular. More people watch Glenn Beck than Mad Men. He reaches three million viewrs, which makes him Fox News's biggest star. As Dave Weigel points out, he's influential: Beck's ramblings are helping drive the opposition - he might say resistance - to Obama's healthcare reforms.

It's not just Obama of course. There's an entire conspiracy determined to destroy the American republic. It's made up of Obama, Left, International, Graft, ACORN-style organizations, Revolutionaries, Hidden Agendas. These words are not chosen by accident. Take the first letter of each word and you nearly have the answer. "One letter is missing" Beck admits, but the missing letter is not a C but a Y, apparently. It's an OLIGARHY. Whatever that is.

Today, at 10pm UK time, Beck promises to unveil his plan to save the American Republic. That's must-see teevee I think. Something is afoot, though lord knows just what that something is. Here's the teaser from yesterday's programme:

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