James Forsyth

Going broke and going for broke

Going broke and going for broke
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The Times has a fascinating story on how Labour’s lack of cash is forcing it to give up on seats and groups of voters. The paper reports that seats with a majority of less than 3,000 have been effectively written off. So even before the campaign has begun, Labour is basically forfeiting 60 seats. By contrast, the Tory marginal seat operation — funded by Lord Ashcroft’s cash — is pushing further and further up the Tory list of target seats. (I was talking to one Tory candidate recently who thought that the resources poured into her seat — currently held by Labour — in the last 18 months or so had made it an almost certain gain for the party, barring disaster during the campaign).

This disparity in resources between Labour and the Conservatives could be one of the key themes of the coming months. The Tories will be keen to make as much progress as possible before the election spending limits kick in.